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Using ADR To Address Conflicts In A Cost-Effective Manner

When a business dispute has reached the point where it seems no reasonable resolution can be reached between the parties, a neutral third-party mediator may be able to look at the situation objectively and work to resolve the dispute. Through an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process such as mediation, businesses can avoid expensive and time-consuming litigation. Mr. Loomar is a Florida Supreme Court-certified civil mediator, and uses his training and years of practical business and litigation experience to assist clients to reach a reasonable business solution and resolution to their dispute.

Contact L. Gregory Loomar, PA, in Boca Raton, to find out how we can help resolve your business dispute through ADR. We offer a brief initial telephone consultation with an experienced certified mediator.

Our Experience Gives You An Advantage

As a Florida Supreme Court-certified mediator, L. Gregory Loomar has over 30 years of experience and training in resolving business and commercial disputes through mediation. If you are involved in a business or commercial dispute, do not allow it to degenerate into an expensive court battle. Instead, we can help you resolve your dispute by mediation.

Providing A Cost-Effective And Flexible Alternative To Litigation

ADR not only saves your business time and money, but also allows for much more flexibility in resolving your issue and settling any claims. When your dispute goes to court, you immediately give up control of the process to a judge or a jury. By working with a certified mediator, however, you maintain control over the process and may reach a beneficial solution in a cost-effective manner.

As a Florida Supreme Court-certified mediator and commercial litigation and business attorney, Mr. Loomar has a keen understanding of the technicalities and economics of every business dispute. Mr. Loomar is experienced in finding creative solutions to tough business problems. He knows how a deal should have gone before it became a dispute and can help you reach a creative resolution to your business dispute through mediation.

Speak With An Experienced Attorney And Certified Mediator To Learn Your Options

To learn whether ADR is the right approach for your business dispute or legal matter, contact us at 561-431-9944 to speak with an experienced South Florida business litigation lawyer and certified mediator. We serve clients in South Florida and throughout the United States from our Boca Raton office.