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Guiding You Through The Licensing Process

Although financial opportunities abound in Florida’s medical marijuana market, business owners must clear a series of licensing hurdles before they can profit from recent changes in state marijuana legislation. If you are interested in applying for a license, working with a seasoned attorney can ensure that you submit all paperwork on time and correctly.

Our legal team at L. Gregory Loomar, PA, in Boca Raton, has a deep understanding of Florida’s intricate and competitive application process. Our medical marijuana business center has played an instrumental role in helping individuals and organizations establish medical, cannabis and ancillary businesses. Since 2013, we have offered cutting-edge counsel that has secured favorable results.

Handling All Aspects Of Your Application

The demand for medical marijuana may be great. However, so are the challenges business owners confront when they apply for a license in the Sunshine State. Our principal attorney, L. Gregory Loomar, has led many clients through the state’s licensing program and knows how to present a compelling case before regulating agencies.

We are qualified to assist you with all matters related to obtaining and maintaining licensing for growing, processing and selling marijuana, including:

  • Securing certified documentation establishing your knowledge of cultivation
  • Providing evidence of proficiency in processing, dispensing and delivering medical marijuana
  • Establishing an infrastructure plan for cultivating, processing and dispensing medical marijuana
  • Submitting required financial documents
  • Creating an educational plan for patients regarding appropriate usage and storage policies
  • Documenting security measures, storage plans and transportation procedures for each stage of the growing, processing and distribution process

Lawyer L. Gregory Loomar uses his decades of business and commercial law experience to anticipate legal challenges you may confront as you apply for this business license. Mr. Loomar’s attention to detail and substantial understanding of state regulations allows him to navigate this intricate process efficiently.

It Is Risky To Represent Yourself In Licensing Matter. Partner With Us.

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