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Helping Businesses Comply with Marijuana Laws

Changes in Florida’s medical marijuana laws and nationally are a boon to business owners seeking to help a diverse group of patients and profit in this rapidly developing market. If you are considering starting your own cannabis-related or ancillary market business, your success will depend not only on the quality of your product but also on your ability to navigate and comply with myriad state-specific regulations.

At L. Gregory Loomar, PA, our legal team has extensive experience with state business laws, and relevant state and federal marijuana statutes that dictate the terms of business formation, operation and development. Our medical marijuana business center has successfully represented entrepreneurs since 2013. Contact us today to see how we can help you obtain your objectives.

Providing Cutting-Edge Legal Advice on Legislation that Affects Your Business

You can rely on us to provide informed counsel on local, municipal and state regulations that establish parameters for your company’s:

  • Source of financing, loan structures and payment plans
  • Product development and growth
  • Method of processing and distribution to retailers
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Compliance and regulatory matters
  • Trademark and branding protection

Our firm’s founding attorney, L. Gregory Loomar, has over 27 years’ experience assisting business owners and operators form, develop and expand their business entities in Florida and across the country.

When you work with our legal team, you will benefit from our extensive business law skill set. We assist our clients to design and optimize programs according to each client’s unique business circumstances and obligations. Our team also develops maintenance plans for our clients to ensure that governmental and regulatory licenses are approved and filed in the appropriate time period.

We are experienced and qualified to promote and facilitate complicated transactions that arise at any stage of your business’s life cycle. In addition to our ability to help you with contract structure, negotiation and confirmation, we also advocate for our clients and protect their interests in business disputes.

Whether you need assistance with evaluating and determining your business options, licensing your cannabis enterprise or defending against legal actions, our team has the acumen and experience to identify creative solutions for your legal issues.

Get a Skilled Lawyer in Your Corner

L. Gregory Loomar, PA, assists entrepreneurs at every level pertaining to the legal cannabis business. We represent processors, growers, retailers and investors, and all forms of ancillary businesses. Schedule your consultation with our attorney by emailing or calling our Fort Lauderdale office. You can reach us at 561-431-9944 or toll free at 888-351-1836.