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Safeguarding Your Interests with Due Diligence Investigations

Investing in legal services to conduct a thorough due diligence investigation is a smart move, which can yield immediate and long-term benefits. If you are in the market to purchase a business or entering into a partnership, it is vital to understand the structure, risks and benefits of the intended transaction.

Since 1992, business owners and entrepreneurs have relied on attorney L. Gregory Loomar Esquire to provide honest and knowledgeable counsel before making an acquisition. At L. Gregory Loomar, PA, we help our clients make sound, informed decisions as a result of the expansive scope of our due diligence investigations. We are dedicated to using our legal insight and professional resources to safeguard your interests.

Leveraging Our Experience to Inform Your Decisions

Our team regularly assists clients with planning, structuring, and conducting and evaluating due diligence investigations for an intended purchase or sale of a business in a range of industries. The focus of our due diligence investigations varies according to each client’s needs; however, we are qualified to assist our clients to analyze many aspects of a target business, including its:

  • Operating budget, revenue stream, owner benefits
  • Employment, employee benefits and other obligations
  • Key employees, noncompetition, non-solicitation
  • Property holdings, and tangible and intangible assets
  • Intellectual property, intellectual technology
  • Market niche, competition
  • Branding protection and trademarks
  • Licensure
  • Insurance and liability coverage
  • Legal matters related to contract disputes or compliance

For financial due diligence, our firm regularly works with certified public accountants (CPAs) to assess the value of the target business, asset or property, and to evaluate the entity’s past performance to determine a reasonable purchase price and whether an acquisition is a sound investment.

In the course of assisting our clients in performing an operational due diligence investigation, our team focuses on the business structure, operational systems, key employees, asset and inventory condition and many other industry or business specific details.

Our team concentrates on performance metrics and process efficiency. Armed with the results of an extensive review, our clients can gain better insight and a clearer understanding of how the daily business operations run, should they pursue an acquisition.

From preparing the initial nondisclosure agreement, letter of intent, or sale and purchase agreement to assisting our clients to perform an investigative due diligence to confirm their intended business transactions, our full-service business law firm is capable of addressing all your legal issues so that you can conduct your business matters with confidence in Florida and across the country.

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