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Thorough Due Diligence That Protects Your Interests

Whether you are considering a merger, a business purchase or a partnership, performing thorough due diligence is vital for understanding the potential risks and rewards. In such a high-stakes transaction, hiring counsel to perform a due diligence investigation can have benefits that far outweighs your investment.

At L. Gregory Loomar, PA, our Florida business attorneys have offered business entities and individuals outstanding service in due diligence investigations since 1992. We implement performance metrics to make our services as streamlined and valuable as possible. By drawing from our vast range of insight, resources and, of course, a thorough investigation, we help our clients make wise and informed decisions.

Invaluable Experience To Aid Your Decisions

Clients in a variety of industries regularly rely on our business law team to assist them with all aspects of operational and financial due diligence investigations. We tailor our investigative strategies to suit the unique needs of each client. Having performed due diligence for hundreds of companies, we are well-equipped to investigate crucial details such as:

  • Operating budgets
  • Business assets, both tangible and intangible
  • Revenue streams
  • Trademarks and other intellectual property holdings
  • Insurance and liability
  • Regulatory compliance concerns
  • Employment obligations

When it comes to financial due diligence, our firm has made a roster of connections with outside professionals including certified public accountants, forensic accountants, financial analysts and others.

Cohesive Service To Meet All Your Needs

As a full-service firm, you can rely on us for just about every issue imaginable related to business due diligence. You need not seek additional counsel or scout other resources. With the results of our comprehensive investigation in your hands, you can move forward with declining or pursuing a transaction.

Discuss Your Options With A Lawyer Today

L. Gregory Loomar, PA is ready to lead your due diligence investigation. To schedule an initial consultation with one of our team members, please contact our office in Boca Raton. Call 561-431-9944 or send us an email today.