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Attending To A Variety Of Commercial Needs

While our office is located in Boca Raton, Florida, at L. Gregory Loomar, PA, we provide general corporate support and business advisory services to clients throughout South Florida, and for business owners everywhere, helping clients to ensure that their business operations are efficient and optimized. We can help with a variety of corporate and business issues, including:

  • Commercial lease negotiations
  • Management structure and operational control
  • Employment agreements
  • Vendor disputes and commercial litigation matters
  • Noncompetition, non-circumvention and non-disclosure agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Business conflict mediation
  • Contractor agreements
  • Articles of Incorporation and Articles of Organization
  • Sales invoices and collections
  • Warranties and disclosures
  • Trademarks, branding and fictitious name registration

Helping You Navigate All Steps Related To SBA Loan Financing

A Small Business Administration (SBA) loan can help individuals purchase businesses and keep businesses running. Whether you are looking to buy a new business or expand your existing one, an SBA loan is an excellent way of obtaining low-interest, long-term financing.

Acquiring an SBA loan is a detailed, complex and rigorous process, requiring applicants to demonstrate a comprehensive and realistic model for establishing a profitable business. At L. Gregory Loomar, PA, we assist applicants to promote and expedite the application and approval process by helping create a well-structured business plan. When lenders can clearly see that a prospective borrower and business are well-organized, and have a promising future, they are far more likely to approve and fund loans.

Protecting Your Interests Through A Confidentiality Or Nondisclosure Agreement

L. Gregory Loomar, PA, specializes in representing people and businesses in confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement disputes. We serve as experienced and dedicated advocates in trade secret, branding protection and intellectual property lawsuits and will seek an injunction to protect against a threatened or an actual breach of those agreements.

Ensuring Your Assignment Of Contract Or Warranty Is Valid

An “assignment” is the transfer of contractual rights to another party. Although parties are generally free to assign their rights under a contract, depending on the type of contract, there may be certain limitations. One limitation is that for an assignment of contract to be valid, it must transfer rights in the present. If the assignment transfers future rights, which may be subject to change, the assignment may be deemed unenforceable. By making an assignment with a warranty that the right to assign is not subject to any defenses, an assignee could potentially bring a claim against the assignor for breach of warranty.

As is evident, contracts are a complicated area of law. At L. Gregory Loomar, PA, we will help you negotiate and confirm a contract that work in the real world, or determine what your rights and duties are under an assignment of contract or warranty scenario.

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