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Including company policies in all employee handbooks

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2022 | Business And Commercial Law

Owning and operating a business can be a rewarding yet demanding endeavor that might leave you in constant search of ways to safeguard the longevity of your company. Part of promoting growth could involve hiring others to assist with operations and your employees may have a significant influence over your company’s success. 

The goal of cultivating a positive atmosphere in your business may hinge on a variety of factors, one of which might include the behavior of your employees. Including company policies in all your employee handbooks could help provide a clearer understanding of expectations and responsibilities for all parties involved. 

Types of policies 

While the types of company policies to cover in employee handbooks may vary, there are certain topics that might prove universal in nature. Some examples of company policies to cover might include: 

  • Equal opportunity:  Including antidiscrimination and antiharassment policies in employee handbooks could be vital to protecting a company’s future by mitigating the risks of unlawful behavior. 
  • Company code of conduct:  It may also be helpful to consider implementing regulations on expectations and acceptable behavior within the workplace and including these terms within each handbook. 
  • Wage and hour:  Wage and hour violations can wreak havoc on a business and addressing such issues and providing clear information on job benefits and responsibilities may be vital. 
  • Safety policies:  Workplace safety could prove a vital topic to cover and providing information on safety procedures and policies may help reduce incident risks and promote safety. 
  • Company benefits:  Including terms on company benefits such as vacation and sick leave and on policies such as the Family and Medical Leave Act could also prove imperative. 

It may also be helpful to include policies on how to report an incident or file a complaint, as providing your employees with access to such measures might prove vital in various ways. 

Protecting your interests 

This may only cover a few types of policies to include in employment handbooks and addressing such topics might help protect your business in various ways. Reviewing some examples of policies to include may also help provide you with insight on ways to create new policies and strategies to help improve company compliance and cultivate a positive workplace atmosphere. Seeking insight on the types of policies that may be applicable to your situation may help you create a strategy to promote growth and safeguard the future of your Florida business.